Host Your Own Rosé Tasting in 5 Simple Steps

Lockdown has been difficult for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be boring too. So, send a message out to your closest wine-loving friends, order some rosé and plan your own online rosé wine tasting.

It’s a great way to explore wines, expand your pallet, and have a bit of fun.


1. Pretty in Pink

You’ll want to plan ahead so that everyone joining the party can choose their own rosé and so that they all have the time to order the bottles. Be sure to make all of your choices known so that your party doesn’t have any double-ups for the tasting.

Now, all you need is: as many rosé choices as your palate desires, a few glasses and some easy snacks. Then you can go ahead and get started.

To begin, have everyone pour from the same bottle.  Make sure that there is enough wine in the glass to get a good tasting. Plus, your friends probably have great taste in rosé so indulge a little.


2. What a pretty sight

As with all wine tastings, you’ll evaluate the rosé with sight, smell and sips.

Hold the glass up to the light at a slight tilt against any light or neutral coloured surface in your house. You want to choose a light surface because it will give you the best contrast to the colours of your wine.

Rosé is a very important wine to evaluate with sight because its colour often comes naturally from contact with the skin of the grape. So, the longer the wine sits in contact with the skin of the grapes then the darker the rosé will appear. Skin contact will also have an effect on how the wine tastes later on.

By looking at the wine, you are giving yourself even more information to use in your evaluation of the wine.  Have fun with this! Take some time to share your thoughts with your friends about the colour of the wine and what you are expecting to taste based on its hue.


3. Stop to smell the rosés

Next, you will all want to give the wine a good swirl in the glass, stick your nose in the glass and inhale deeply. 

What do you smell? Rosé can have a huge range of aromas so get specific here.

Does it smell light and fruity like rockmelon? Does it have a floral scent? Maybe you smell some sweet cherries or strawberries and cream.

Some rosé will also have spicy aromas like vanilla or clove. Maybe this particular rosé reminds you of your nan's perfume.

Have a little fun and make some light jokes. Of course, that will be easier the further along in the tasting you all get.


4. Sip, Sip, Hooray

Take a sip. Move the wine around in your mouth so that you can experience the full effect of the wine. That first sip will activate your taste buds and cleanse your mouth from any other tastes.

The second sip is where you can start to taste the full palate of the wine and appreciate its flavours.

This is the step where you and your friends can talk about how the wine feels. Do you feel the tannic properties? Is your tongue feeling the same way that it does when you eat a sour candy? Is the wine acidic and wet feeling? Maybe you’re getting a soft, creamy taste from yeast or fermentation.


5. Yes Way Rosé

Now that everyone has tasted their rosé like a pro, do a comparison and talk about your favourites. You can even incorporate some fun games into your tasting.

Rank the wines based on overall performance or even just by which one has the best label, or you could also do a mock food pairing with each one. 

Let the person who chose the winning wine pick next week’s varietal. Don’t let lockdown get you disconnected. Why not have a little fun drinking amazing rosé and catching up virtually?


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