Our Guide to The Best Rosé For All Occasions

Whether you’re hosting a boozy lunch, preparing a romantic dinner for two, celebrating with a work Christmas event or attending a birthday party, it can sometimes prove difficult to decide on the perfect gift to bring for the occasion. Well fear no more, because nothing connotes joy and merry times like a bottle of wine, especially a bottle of well-suited rosé.

We’ve searched high and low and have done the hard work so that you don’t have to, providing you with the perfect bottle of rosé that will suit such occasions perfectly.


The boozy long lunch: 

As the weather warms and Christmas approaches, you’ll find that the long lunch becomes more prevalent (no complaints here). For this particular event, we suggest something light, fresh and zingy - something that can be drunk with ease and not too much thought. For long lunches amongst friends and family, we think the ‘Mr Mick Rosé’ is perfectly suited to refresh the palate as you sit in the sun, chat and eat. It has notes of fresh raspberry, lychee and musk and is all over mouth-watering. How good.

 Romantic dinner on the beach with rosé

The romantic dinner for two: 

An occasion that is perpetually in style, the timeless romantic dinner. Whether it’s candles, slow jazz and a decadent pasta, or maybe Thai food, movies and the couch is more your vibe, one thing certain is that a delicious bottle of rosé will make your evening all the more comfortable and enjoyable. That’s why we suggest the ‘Elderton Barossa Rosé’. It’s dry, zesty and oh so sexy. With elevated aromas of musk, blossom and rose petal, this dry rosé will pair well with a myriad of dishes.

Friend christmas party

The work Christmas event: 

Ahhh, the classic work Christmas party. Whether you dread it or live for it, there’s a good chance you’ll have to attend, regardless. If you’re not sure whether to bring a white or a red, a great choice is to settle in between with a classic rosé. We recommend the ‘Headcase Rosé’ because not only is there sure to be at least one headcase at the Chrissy party, but because it’s a damn fine drop. Pale in colour and dry on the tastebuds, this wine has a lovely aroma of blood orange and pale red fruit with a white pepper finish. One that is sure to impress and be enjoyed by all.

  Pink birthday cake and sweets.

The birthday party: 

Joyous celebrations, loud chatter, upbeat music and embarrassing dancing, that’s right - it’s the birthday party. I’m not sure about you, but when we think of happiness and festivities we immediately think of bubbles! But not just any old bubbly, a beautiful pink sparkling rosé. A great wine to take for this sort of occasion is the ‘Harold Sparkling Rosé’ - a perfect pink fizz with notes of strawberries and cream. It’s as delicate as it is festive and is sure to lighten the mood with its fresh palate of raspberry and green fruits, we guarantee it.


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