Our top 3 rosé wines to for this Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration, of giving thanks and of course, exchanging gifts. And what could make for a better gift than a quality bottle of rosé? Australia’s love for the pink wine continues to grow and is showing no signs of slowing down just yet. It’s the perfect drink for a warm summer’s day and the ideal wine to serve chilled in order to refresh and replenish your taste buds this Christmas.

 A delicious and all-purpose wine, rosé will compliment just about anything you dish up on the big day. But as it’s growing in popularity, we are seeing more and more different brands popping up in the market, so how do you know which one to choose? There’s honestly nothing worse than an overly sweet and sickly rosé, yet on the other hand a rosé that is so overly dry that it’s almost bitter is just as bad.

Fear no more, we’ve got you sorted with our top three favourite mouth-watering rosé wines. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, a purchase to accompany Christmas lunch or simply for yourself to enjoy, you won’t go wrong with any of these bottles, you cheeky thing.


108 Varieties Rosé

108 Varieties Red Rosé

A rosé so vibrant in colour that you might just fall into a trance if you stare at it too long is the David Franz Red Rosé. This particular drop is filled with fragrant notes of fresh raspberries and toffee apple with a subtle nuance of underlying  Turkish delight and rose petals. Sweet and pretty, each bottle is carefully hand-printed and wrapped in a striking label, making this rosé the go-to choice for anyone tickled by all things pink.


 Bottle of rosé wine

Headcase Rosé

 A fitting name come Christmas especially, this wine is the perfect bottle to get for a fellow headcase or to serve to your nutcase family. We love this rosé, it’s an ideal middle-ground wine that is sure to satisfy everybody’s taste buds. The modern, dry and savoury blend is made from a variety of grapes and has a bright and tangy finish. It will pair wonderfully with Christmas ham due to its fine notes of blood orange and is a great and simple rosé for some festive drinking.


G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Rosé Champagne

If you’re searching for a special bottle to pop this Christmas or more of a high-end bottle of bubbles to gift to someone, we can highly recommend this rosé champagne. It’s lively, refreshing and energetically fruity, with Pinot Meunier grapes used to give it a bold flavour and Chardonnay grapes to offset this boldness perfectly. The Grand Cordon Rosé has aromas of fresh strawberries with a swirling undercurrent of vanilla and caramel. Simultaneously elegant and intense, you really won’t go wrong with this bottle by G.H. Mumm.


Now, these are just three wines that we at Everyday Rosé can’t get enough of right now, hence the recommendations. We guarantee they will satisfy any rosé lover and will be quaffed with enthusiasm, making for a great gift. Watch out, everyone will be reaching for the rosé for another top-up. For more options, head to our website and read about each individual bottle’s details.

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