The Best Rose Pairings for A Spring Lunch

The beauty with rosé is that it’s such a versatile drink. Sweet and subtle, dry yet zingy or light but punchy, the flavours and notes within every particular bottle are unique. 

Rosé is a popular drink for the warmer seasons, and for good reason too. There’s nothing quite like a cold drop of the pink nectar on a hot balmy day. Whether you’re out to enjoy a seafood lunch by the water, have packed a picnic to sit in the park or are simply hosting a get-together at your home, rosé is the perfect drink for all occasions. 

Rosé can pair well with seafood, white AND red meats due to its well-balanced acidity and sweetness, landing it right in the middle of the wine spectrum in regards to intensity and flavour. Not nearly as full bodied and rich as a red, but packed with more vigour and fervour than your average white. However, because of these reasons you may just find your head spinning when trying to decide on the perfect dish for your chosen lunch adventure as the days grow warmer. That’s why we’ve got you covered with the best rosé pairings for your Spring lunch menu.

(A quick note to keep in mind before serving: rosé is a crisp, refreshing and ideal pairing, but always make sure to serve chilled. Between 7-10 degrees is optimal).


A Charcuterie board: AKA grazing board. Charcuterie is the culinary art form of preparing cured meats, a traditional necessity that is now making a modern comeback in the form of the revamped cheese platter. Think high quality prosciutto with fresh figs and artisanal hard aged cheese like gouda with soft creamy cheeses like brie. Pop a few walnuts, mixed olives, breads and preserves on the board and you’ve got yourself a delicate assortment sure to make your guests hover. 

Pair with: A dry rosé to compliment the acidity of the fruit preserves, cheese and cured meats will work particularly well. Grapes of the Pinot Noir variety will pair perfectly! Sparkling rosé will also suit well- bubbles to spark off the celebrations and undercut the fattiness of the charcuterie. 



Grilled fish: Perhaps the perfect Spring lunch consists of a fresh fillet of grilled fish with a burnt lemon, sage and butter sauce. Combine this with some squashed rosemary baked potatoes and a fresh garden salad and oooooft you’ve got yourself a mouth-watering dish. Pair this with a refreshing bottle of rose or two amongst loved ones whilst sitting out in the sun- life can’t get much better!

Pair with: A light and dry rosé compliments light salads and seafood perfectly. A dry mineral rosé in the Provencal style like will fuse delicately with the freshness of the meal and make it hard to put down- a stellar combination for hot weather drinking.


Baked caramelised peaches with walnuts: To round up lunch you may want to try out this rich and decadent dessert. Source some ripe juicy peaches, cut them in half and drizzle with maple syrup. Dot some butter over the top, remove the seed and replace with crushed walnuts. Bake until caramelised and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Pair with: A full bodied and fruity rose will pair beautifully with the ripe peaches. A Cabernet rosé will work wonderfully as it’s bold and bursting with flavour. Served cold will complement the heat of the baked peaches and leave your mouth watering for more.   

So, there you have it. Keep in mind that there are really no wrong choices when it comes to wine pairings. If you enjoy it, you’ve been successful! While I’m in no way encouraging you to pair a warm rosé with a creamy bucket of pasta salad, there are many different varieties of rosés that can be paired and enjoyed with a wide array of dishes. But shhh… the wine connoisseurs will be shaking their heads at us.


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