The Rise Of Rosé: Why It's So Popular Right Now

Lusciously vibrant and easy to drink, rosé wine is currently having its time in the spotlight. But the pink coloured wine is far from a passing trend and dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who would crush red and white grapes together with their feet to create an early vision of the pink elixir. This juice was dry and tannic from coming into contact with the grape skins, stems and seeds, but paved the way for the rosé’s of today.


These days, rosé is diverse in all aspects. Available on the market you have rosé wines that range from bone dry to extremely sweet, delicately balanced to powerfully flavoured with a huge variety of different flavour profiles and tasting notes in between.


So, apart from its range and diversity, what is it exactly that makes rosé so popular?

  Two women clinking glasses of Rosé wine at a beach at sunset


It’s a great drink for the summer months and warmer days

Frivolous and fruity, rosé is everything you want and everything you need in the warmer months. The good thing about rosé wine is that it’s ready to be enjoyed at any time, unlike its red wine counterparts, which may need to be cellared - making these blushing beauties ready to drink whenever your heart desires. Pop one in the fridge on a hot day, from brunch and lunch to dinner and dessert, rosé is a suitable beverage for any occasion.


There’s a style for every palate & it pairs with most food spectacularly

The base grape chosen for rosé will hold significant influence over its style, flavour and colour, with well-known varieties including grenache, pinot noir, sangiovese, syrah and shiraz just to name a few. Pinot noir-based rosé for example, is exceptionally dry and delicate, typically with notes of strawberry and pomegranate. The great thing about rosé? Well apart from tasting fantastic, it is an easy go-to pairing for most meals - from fresh salads and seafood, to tapas or a premium steak, rosé is outstandingly versatile and food-friendly.

 Peoples hands over a table with food and rosé pink wine


It's low in calories compared to other alcoholic drinks

Rosé is particularly low in calories, so if you’re after an alcoholic beverage that looks good, tastes better and won’t ruin too much of your hard work in the gym - coming in at approximately 82 calories per glass, you can’t beat rosé!


It’s versatile- think rosé pink gin and rosé vodka seltzers

In the past few years we’ve seen a huge increase in different rosé-infused drinks, from rosé gin to rosé-based seltzers. Incredibly versatile and with a huge range of flavours, the seltzer boom is not only tasty, but low in sugar, calories and easy to bring along with you wherever! We don’t see this trend going away any time soon. 

Whether it’s a lunchtime picnic, a glass or two as you’re cooking dinner or in its futuristic canned form, rosé has a little something to offer for everyone, everyday!

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