Pete's Pure Rosé

Pete's Pure Rosé

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Winemakers Comments

This is a Rosé full of perky red fruited aromas, from strawberry to apple with hints of watermelon and rose petal on the side. There is just the faintest hit of citrus twang that adds an element of surprise, along with a dash of creaminess.

About the Winery

All of the wines are a pure expression of the variety are bottled in lightweight glass, come from vineyards that are responsibly irrigated and proudly declare their origins. Our Euston vineyard is part of a 4000 hectare property situated on the banks of the Murray River in south-western New South Wales.

The vineyard was established by one of Australia’s best known viticultural families in the 1980s, and over the last thirty years has grown to a total of 803 hectares under vine encompassing nine different classic and Mediterranean varieties. The terroir is classic red sandy-loam soils overlaying an ancient limestone bedrock. It’s not only the vineyards at Euston that are astonishing. The property has 14km of frontage to the epic Murray River and encompasses about 1000 hectares of river flat forrest including red gum trees, home to individual trees which have stood for up to 1000 years. There are flood flats with an abundance of black and the rare yellow box flanking these red gum forests.

In the northern corner of the property is the bed of an ancient extinct lake, a part of the Willandra lakes chain which includes the World Heritage Lake Mungo area. All over the property, from the Lake to Paiko creek, in the Mallee country and on River banks can be found evidence of the traditional owners of the land. Middens, canoe trees and skinning knives are all reminders of a time past, reminders of the importance of the Pete's Pure Vineyards stewardship and duty of care for the cultural history and physical health of the land.


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